Audio and Video Production

AUDIO AND VIDEO PRODUCTION gives students a chance to level up their skills and join the rapidly expanding world of digital filmmaking. More video content is being uploaded every 30 days than the three major television networks—combined—created in 30 years. Every analysis shows that web sites need video content to succeed, and the demand is greater than ever for content producers who understand how to consistently turn out high-quality media.

Our hands-on approach is reinforced by the idea that achieving a greater fluency in story structure and storytelling techniques offers the decisive edge that content creators require in order to compete. Student work is a mix of class assignments, self-selected projects and client jobs for area schools, organizations and non-profits. Documentary, PSA, advocacy and corporate video techniques are taught alongside fictional, genre and narrative filmmaking methods. Students acquire sufficient skills and knowledge either to seek employment in a range of audio and video production settings or to further their education in a clearly articulated pathway.

Students in the program may qualify for as many as 20 Walla Walla Community College credits.

Class fees/supplies: membership in SkillsUSA (strongly recommended), $20.

  • Work with industry-standard software, using traditional and cutting-edge techniques
  • Study photography and cinematography and master pro editing techniques
  • Learn audio production and post-production for voice, music and sound effects
  • Improve your storyboarding and planning skills
  • Pick up advanced lighting skills and learn broadcast design and visual effects
  • Discover basic animation (2D & 3D) techniques and study composites, mattes, motion graphics and more
  • Tour established content creators and compete in regional film festivals

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Animators and game designers know that having a deep understanding of filmmaking (composition and color, lighting and camerawork, editing and story structure) is essential for advancement in those disciplines.  The training you get in SEATech's Audio and Video Production program will sharpen your skills in all the critical areas you need to succeed.
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